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Kurukkoor Family


F amily is the basic unit of a society. In this high tech world, members of each family are busy with their own business. Interrelationship of families is unheard. Every member has to know other members. This knowledge will produce love, unity and cooperation. “Each race and each family is being preserved by God as feeble flame of lamp carried in hurricane. Each generation must tell the following generation what God has done for them by his providence “(cf. Psalms 78:26). These sentences indicate the necessity of a family history.

The necessity of having a Kudumbayogam was felt by the members of the family. After much discussion and thinking the Kudumbayogam was registered in January 2001. Its official name is “PALATHINKAL KURUKKOOR KUDUMBAYOGAM “.It is a registered society, having its own bye laws and an office at Marady. The general body of the Kudumbayogam nominated Rev. Dr. George Kurukkoor as patron.

Mr. PU Varkey Parambel-the first President –has generously donated the site for the construction of an office building, by the side of the Main Central Road at East Marady, quite near to the Catholic Church. A beautiful two storeyed building was constructed within a year. The family members from all branches gather every year and conduct cultural and intellectual Programmes along with various types of competitions. The winners were awarded. It fosters love, unity, and cooperation among the members of the family.

The society tries to help the family members in their needs. In order to facilitate the charity purpose a special organ is formed as ‘Geevakarunnia Samathy ‘. An executive committee of seven members manages the charitable activities of the members and outsiders on their request.

An important Contribution of the kudumbayogam in a descriptive history book Palathinkal Kurukkoor family. Written by Rev. Dr. George Kurukkoor. The author explains the evolution of the name ‘Kurukkoor’ from the word ‘Gurukkoor’ which denotes the region allotted to ‘Kalariguru’ by the king of Vadakumkur. He probes deep into the origin of the family. Our branch of palathinkal family had two sons: Kuriakose and Geevarghese. This family left Mulanthuruthy due to the harassment of the rulers and tax collectors. Geevarghese moved to Nediashala along with his mother who was a member of Edamana Illam of Arakuzha . His elder brother Kuriakose settled in Kavanakara-Nedumkallel Family. But Geevarghese again moved to more fertile land on the side of Marika canal and his family erected a cross near the canal. When the church at Nediasala was destroyed by wild elephant in around 1770 AD, the vicar of Arakuzha Church decided to construct a church at Marika. The palliyogam found the land of Palathinkal Geevarghese suitable to construct the church.

After surrending the land for the construction of church, he left for Arakuzha in 1786 AD. He settled in the Cherukulathil Purayidam where the present St. Joseph’s Convent at Arakuzha is situated. From Arakuzha the family came to Marady. The author narrates the generations of the family with clear cut evidence. The social, political and religion history of many regions of Kerala are beautifully described in this book Oru Vamsavum Pala Nadukalum(part-1)There in no wonder that it merited the Award of Kerala Council for Historical Research in 2004.

Palathinkal Kurukkoor Family had fourteen branches. But a few of them have ceased to exist due to the lack of male children. Others have flourished in and out of Kerala. Some of them are abroad.

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